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Advanced Steel Detailing
Structural & Miscellaneous Detailing Services

* Structural Steel
* Miscellaneous Steel
* Fabrication Drawings
* Erection Drawings
* Isometric Aids
* Stairs & Handrail
* Advanced Bill of Materials and other Valuable Reports
* Field/Shop Bolt List Reports
* FTP Site or Large Drawing Email Link for Direct Download that can be sent to All Job Related Clients such as General Contractor, Fabricator, Structural Engineers and Architects
* DXF & DWG Drawing Interface
* DesignLink & ModelLink (BIM Modeling)
* CNC - NC1 & DXF Plate File Types (All SDS2 Exports)
* KISS Files (All SDS2 Exports of similar type)
* EJE Files & Fabtol Exports (All SDS2 Exports of similar type)
* Bluebeam PDF Editor
* Electronic Approval & Shop Submittals

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