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February 2004 -     Advanced Steel Detailing, Inc.
                               Billings, Montana
                               Successfully operating a steel detailing company.

September 2003 -  CTA Architects & Engineers
February 2004       Billings, Montana
                               Steel Detailer III
                               Preperation of shop drawings. Management of projects. Software training.

April 1994 -             Roscoe Stel & Culvert Company
September 2003     Billings, Montana
                               Lead Detailer/Checker
                               Management of projects in the preparation of shop drawings.

March 2002            American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.
                               Billings, Montana
                               Received 2.0 Professional Development Hours (0.2 CEU). Lectures covered New OSHA Rules for
                               Steel Erection and The World Trade Center - A Preliminary Report on the collapse.

November 2001      Design Data
                               SDS/2 Detailing Module Continuing Education (Coarse 1)
                               Lincoln, Nebraska
                               Received advanced training in the use of Design Data's SDS/2 Detailing Module.
July 2001                American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.
                               Duane K. Miller Welding Seminar
                               Billings, Montana
                               Received 4.0 Professional Development Hours (0.4 CEU). Lectures covered what the Structural Engineer should
                               know about Welding, Welding Procedures and why do Welds crack?

September 1992 -  High-Tech Institute
September 1993    Phoenix, Arizona
                              Received a Technical Associates Degree in Architectural Drafting / CAD. High GPA.
                               Instructed in both Manual (Board) and CAD Drafting (Release 11 AutoCAD).

September 1988 -  West High School
May 1992               Billings, Montana
                               Received a diploma in General Studies. Two semesters of Manual (Board) and CAD Drafting (Release 10 AutoCAD).
                               One semester as Teachers Aid in Drafting. High GPA in drafting classes.

                               * American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) Certified Drafter.
                               * President's List for Academic Excellence, High-Tech Institute, 1992 - 1993.
                               * Director's List for Perfect Attendance, High-Tech Institute, 1992 - 1993.
                               * Use of Lotus Approach to create a database system to track Project Information,
                                  Request For Information, Field Procedures Reports and Project Extras.

                               * Extensive knowledge of Design Data's SDS/2 Detailing Module.
                               * Knowledge of the CIS/2 transfer ability from E-Tabs or RAM Engineering software's into Design Data's
                                  SDS/2 Detailing Module.
                               * Organized, Self Motivated, Leadership and Decision Making Skills.
                               * Can multitask and prioritize importance of project information.
                               * Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook).
                               * Knowledge of Lotus Smat Suite (Word Pro, 123 and Approach).
                               * Knowledge of Bluebeam (*.PDF Editor Software)
                               * Knowledge of E-mail and Fax capabilities.
                               * Checking of shop drawings using the calculator.
                               * Management of multiple projects from simple to complex.
                               * Knowledge of California based structures.
                               * Knowledge of the fabrication process of structural steel.
                               * Ability to easily interpret contract drawings and specifications.
                               * Familiar with communicating project information with Architects, Engineers, General Contractors
                                  and Erectors.

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